Style Pantry

What does it takes to make high end cakes and desserts?

[cc_half_col_left]Elements that inspire fine culinary pastry art.[/cc_half_col_left] [cc_half_col_right] The elements that inspire fine culinary art are endless. CE Style Pantry is a tool intended to expand our initial concept and help involve you in the creative process during the consultation with our Design Team.[/cc_half_col_right]

[cc_third_col background_color=”f4d4db” radius=”6″ shadow_color=”2e1101″ height=”200″]How to craft unique culinary designs with cakes and dessets.Creativity, imagination, and quality raw materials are a few factors Cake Etiquette employs in the creative design process to craft unique culinary delights.Creative Design Process Blueprint at Cake Etiquette[/cc_third_col][cc_third_col background_color=”f4d4db” radius=”6″ shadow_color=”2e1101″ height=”200″]How to make high end cakes and pastries.We mastered techniques for high end cakes and pastries, thanks to a European baking heritage, a Le Cordon Bleu education, and years of trial and error.High end cake techniques by Cake Etiquette[/cc_third_col][cc_third_col_right background_color=”f4d4db” radius=”6″ shadow_color=”2e1101″ height=”200″]Custom themes for any special occasion like weddings or corporate events.Custom theme designs for any special occasion. Weddings, birthdays, corporate events and more… We will help turn your event into a memorable affair.Match the decor with a custom theme by Cake Etiquette[/cc_third_col_right]

[cc_third_col background_color=”f4d4db” radius=”6″ shadow_color=”2e1101″ height=”200″]Exquisite cake and patisserie flavors by Cake EtiquetteCakes and patisserie that are exquisite in taste. We add gourmet touches to set our flavors apart and work closely to ensure quality and product integrity.Gourmet Cake and Patisserie Flavors by Cake Etiquette[/cc_third_col] [cc_third_col background_color=”f4d4db” radius=”6″ shadow_color=”2e1101″ height=”200″]Cake and Dessert Ingredients by Cake EtiquetteFrom venezuelan cacao beans to english preserves, Cake Etiquette sources the finest ingredients without using unnecessary additives or chemicals.Finest Ingredients for Cakes, Desserts, Cookies and Pies[/cc_third_col] [cc_third_col_right background_color=”f4d4db” radius=”6″ shadow_color=”2e1101″ height=”200″]Excellent Cake and Pastry Fillings by Cake EtiquetteFillings add height, drama and flavor to our cakes. Layers of old fashioned cream or a liqueur and extracts mixed chocolate ganache… a mark of excellence.Delicious Fillings in all Cakes and Desserts[/cc_third_col_right]

[cc_third_col background_color=”f4d4db” radius=”6″ shadow_color=”2e1101″ height=”200″]Luxurious Frosting, Icing and Fondant by Cake EtiquetteLuxuriously soft frostings and icing to cover and decorate. Fondant, buttercream, and royal icing techniques that deliver perfectly smooth or textured finishes.Fondant, buttercream, and royal icing techniques that deliver perfectly smooth or textured finishes.[/cc_third_col] [cc_third_col background_color=”f4d4db” radius=”6″ shadow_color=”2e1101″ height=”200″]Inspring Colors to Decorate Cakes and DessertsCapture the mood. Visual experience is swayed by color. A wedding dress, or an invitation, can be the inspiration to match a theme for any occasion.A wedding dress or an invitation can be the color inspiration for the theme.[/cc_third_col] [cc_third_col_right background_color=”f4d4db” radius=”6″ shadow_color=”2e1101″ height=”200″]Couture Cakery Texture by Cake EtiquetteTexture is fundamental to couture cakery. Skill and finesse guarantees elegant patterns, shapes, and impressions on our unique pieces of edible art.Finesse, elegant patterns, shapes, and impressions on our unique pieces of edible art.[/cc_third_col_right]

[cc_third_col background_color=”f4d4db” radius=”6″ shadow_color=”2e1101″ height=”200″]Bundt, square, round, tall, conical, sculpted cake shapes are only bound by imagination.Proper affairs have a centerpiece that reflects the setting. Bundt, square, round, tall, conical, sculpted… you name it… shapes are only bound by imagination.Cake centerpiece that is shaped, carved and sculpted by imagination.[/cc_third_col] [cc_third_col background_color=”f4d4db” radius=”6″ shadow_color=”2e1101″ height=”200″]Cake Stacking and Tiers by Cake EtiquetteDesigns that deliver height, aesthetic consideration and elegance. Dramatic methods of stacking tiers. The right ingredients for an unforgettable cake.Dramatic methods of stacking tiers. The right ingredients for an unforgettable cake.[/cc_third_col] [cc_third_col_right background_color=”f4d4db” radius=”6″ shadow_color=”2e1101″ height=”200″]Latest trends in cake design and decoration by Cake EtiquetteDecorative aspects that embody the latest trends in cake design. Accessorize with pearls, crystals, or a splash of vintage. Personalized and unexpected creations.Decorative aspects that embody the latest trends in cake design. [/cc_third_col_right]

[cc_third_col background_color=”f4d4db” radius=”6″ shadow_color=”2e1101″ height=”200″]The true test of our Master Pastry Chef. Intricate piping demands talent.The true test of our Master Pastry Chef. Intricate piping demands talent. A filigree wedding cake is delicate, precise and worthy of Royal consideration.Joseph Lambeth Royal Wedding Cake Piping Technique[/cc_third_col] [cc_third_col background_color=”f4d4db” radius=”6″ shadow_color=”2e1101″ height=”200″]Handcrafted Sugar Blooms by Cake EtiquetteHandcrafted sugar blooms a fresh flower connoisseur could not distinguish. Natural or handmade we consult with a florist so color tones match your event.Best Handmade Sugar Flowers for Cakes[/cc_third_col] [cc_third_col_right background_color=”f4d4db” radius=”6″ shadow_color=”2e1101″ height=”200″]Hand painted cakes reflect your theme as a work of art.Often requiring more development and detail than a wedding cake, hand painted cakes are a great way to reflect your theme as a great work of art.Elegant hand painted wedding cake themes.[/cc_third_col_right]