Ironman Triathlon Finish Line Cake

Chiara takes the Cake at Ironman Florida Triathlon

Ironman Triathlon Finish Line Cake

 Ironman Triathlon Goal Accomplished

Chiara accomplished her goal and crossed the finish line at Ironman Florida in Panama City in 13 Hours 18 Minutes and 33 Seconds. She takes the cake for such a brave and determined athletic performance. She pushed her body to it limits and completed the 140.6 mile course. Cake Etiquette congratulates you on this incredible accomplishment. You are an Ironman/Ironwoman!

 What is an Ironman Triathlon?

An Ironman Triathlon is the Ultimate Endurance Challenge. It consists of  a 2.4 miles swim (3.85km), a 112 mile bike ride (180.25km) and ends with a full marathon run of 26.2 miles (42.2km). All one after the other within a 17 hour cut off time. Ironman races are organized by World Triathlon Corp (WTC) and the annual World Championship race is held every October in Kona, Hawaii.

 Why compete in an Ironman Triathlon?

For most competitors competing in an Ironman triathlon race is not about winning, it is all about finishing. To swim, bike and run 140.6 miles is a true test of endurance, physical strength and mental discipline. Crossing the finish line is Priceless!

Ironman Florida Triathlon Cake - Team Hammerheads Miami

Ironman Cake

At Cake Etiquette we were fortunate to be able to design and make Chiara’s Ironman theme birthday cake featured above. This 2 foot by 4 foot cake featured the shape of the South Florida Triathletes Team Hammerheads club logo.